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I have worked extensively with top dressage trainers from all over Europe however, I now work only with Karen as she is the most dedicated skilled coach that I have had the pleasure of working with, she is able to balance the needs of both the horses and the rider and to enable them a steady methodical program of development of skills. Karen clearly outlines aims and objectives and sets goals for each horse that I work with and then takes us to those goals.
As a fully qualified educator, assessor and verifier I would like to have my testimonial put forward as evidence of Karens vocational competence- she is a highly supportive riding coach with an incredible eye for detail and a level of dedication that is second to none.

Amanda Brewer

I have known Karen for over 12 years and she has been a functioning and noticeable figure in the Equestrian community all throughout the UAE.  Her commitment and dedication to her students is unfathomable, as a result they perform  exceptionally well in competitions. She has taken numerous prominent  roles  in the organizations that she has worked for and has created incredible outcomes and triumphs. My daughter, Heidi, started her riding career with Karen. Heidi's adoration for horses and riding advanced us to buying her first horse, Silver Merlin. Karen was the one that assisted us in this purchase. She has the wonderful ability in matching horse and rider. This was proven by their list of achievements in 2017:


BHS Stage 1              DPEC.   PASS

Level (against adults except those marked Junior)

World Dressage Championships   EEC 74.5%  1st 

Dressage Freestyle to Music          EEC  74.72% 1st

Elementary 4 Dressage                   EEC 65.42% 2nd 

Elementary 4 Dressage                   Desert Palm 66.71% 1st

Elementary 3 Dressage.                  EEC 64.86% 2nd

Elementary 4 Dressage.                  EEC 65.57% 2nd 

Elementary 2 Dressage.                  DPEC 73.07% 1st

Freestyle to Music                           Desert Palm 70.51% 1st

Elementary 4 Dressage                  DPEC 65.29% 1st

Elementary Freestyle                     EEC 67.21% 1st

Elementary 4 Dressage                  DPEC 66.71% 1st

British Eventing                                Desert Palm 71.8%

Elementary 4.                                   EEC 64.43% 

Tim Hallatt - United Arab Emirates

In a word, Karen is a true horsewoman. She has a high sense of the horses, can feel them fast and accurately.
I have always seen her showing love and respect towards horses.
Watching her riding is a delight as you have instantly the feeling of communion between horse and rider. 
She was the one who always rode the so-called difficult or crazy horses and always did it with success. She is able to understand the way to communicate with them.
She is the most amazing instructor I have ever met. She is obsessed with perfection and saying that I don't only mean the horse going as perfectly as possible but always having a global approach of the horse, the rider, their personalities and the combination of them.
That's why her lessons are so beautiful to watch and she is obtaining the best results in official EEF or FEI competition in UAE where the students she trains, adults and juniors are always placed or winning. She is always positive and comforting, and if she pushes
you, it is just slightly above your limit so she knows you can achieve positively what she is asking, and safety
stays paramount at all  times.
She also has a strong knowledge of horse anatomy and care, and she is very sharp at noticing anything going wrong. She is calm and deductive and always makes good decisions.

Anne Boulet - France

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